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About Notch

Notch is streamlining the offer process into one simple space where sellers and buyers meet. So you can share beautiful documents and let your client sign directly in one space.

Notch Landing Page
Landing Page

The mission

After establishing Notch and getting out of beta, Notch needed a wrap-up in design and complexity of the site. We've focused on making everything lightweight and easy to understand, but still offer extensive information in feature comparisons, blog posts, and sub-product pages.

Notch Pricing Tooltip showing details about feature
Small details in the pricing feature overview

How it's built

To ensure that even non-techy people can work with it and update information quickly, we've built the foundation in Webflow as it offers a simple CMS, but still has a good range of customization and options to connect to basically every API. As Notch is currently growing at a fast pace and attracts new users every day, I've made sure that it ranks well on many customer needs that Notch will solve for them.

Navigaiton Sub Menu
Simple and responsive menu
Automatic Summary of Blog Post with different chapter
Automatic chapters for dynamical Blog posts

Building Free Tools for everyone

To attract new customers, we decided to build free tools that don't require any sign-up and are free to use. I've built them in Webflow with custom code and a connection to the OpenAI API. It all works without reloading the site and is pretty easy to set up and replicate to have different tools within 15 minutes.

A tool to build NDAs with AI
Developing free tools connected to OpenAI in Webflow