I work as a freelance product designer. I currently shift my focus in crafting sustainable projects. Currently I’m based in Hamburg, Germany and will be moving to Stockholm, Sweden soon.

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Kula Product Design

Kula translates from Hawaiian to "learning," which is the core essence of this project. The current educational platform landscape for schools is not promising, as they often lack a genuine connection with students, leading to more overwhelmed students who struggle to organize all the tasks they receive. Kula is our vision for how the next school platform could look.


Notch Product Design & Web Development

Notch is streamlining the offer process into one simple space where sellers and buyers meet. So you can share beautiful documents and let your client sign directly in one space.

Learning Log

A logbook of little things I learned, I don't learn something new every day, but I try to stay curious and always try to accumulate new knowledge on my journey through life.

21. July 2024

How to create a dynamic interface connected with an LLM

20. July 2024

The first telecommunication of Northern Europe was built on the Lofoten Islands (right next to our Airbnb).

19. July 2024

Our current world can be disrupted by a single technical glitch. (Looking at you Crowdstrike)

18. July 2024

Working while traveling by train or plane is the ultimate procrastination relieve

13. July 2024

How drawer components work in a web app

10. July 2024

How to apply for student support in Germany

06. July 2024

Great people are living in Stockholm

04. July 2024

How seamless transitions work in webapps